Science Class by Abhay Mishra Sir

24 November

Physiology of Digestion

According to new syllabus of NEET, Frog is included. So, go to you tube channel and subscribe the channel to get videos of Biology. Thanks.

16 November

Decrease in number of carnivorous

Q:- State with reason the consequence of decrease in number of carnivores in an ecosystem. Ans :- The carnivores keep the populations of other carnivores and herbivores populations in control. If there were no carnivores, the population of herbivores would explode and they will rapidly consume large numbers of plants, …

13 November

Differentiate lens without touching

Q. :- Suppose two different types of lenses i.e. convex and concave lenses forming virtual image. By looking image how can you differentiate between them without touching it? Ans – As we know that convex can form both real and virtual image. Real image formed by convex lens may be …

07 November

Acid is called proton donor. Why?

Acid is called proton donor because acid releases H+. Atomic number of Hydrogen is one. So, it has only one electron and one proton. Hydrogen is changed into H+ after releasing one electron. It means H,+ has only proton.

06 November

Which type of wave is light?

Light is an electromagnetic wave or, non- mechanical wave because it can travel even without medium. [It is also called electromagnetic wave because it produces electrical as well as magnetic field around it.] It is also called transverse wave because particles of medium vibrates perpendicularly to the direction of wave …

05 November

Gravitational Constant

Gravitational constant is defined as force of gravitation acting between two bodies of unit masses separated by unit distance from their centers. The value of gravitational constant is experimentally calculated by Lord Henry Cavendish (1798) even after death of Newton (1642- 1727) by using torsion balance. Its value is 6.67 …

06 May

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